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Mallow Road and Pollinator Garden Projects

Wild Flower Pollinator Garden

Shelter: Areas of long grass for bumblebee nesting

Food: Flowering hedgerows, shrubs or trees

Food: Dandelions and clover blooming in strips or patches of long grass

Shelter: Earth banks/bare soil/ dry stone walls for solitary bee nesting

Safety: Manual weeding instead of pesticide use

Shelter: Solitary bee nest boxes

For gardens to be good for pollinators, they need to provide food in the form of flowers, shelter for nesting and safety from chemicals.

The most cost-effective way to provide food for pollinators is to reduce the frequency of mowing in some areas of the garden and allow wildflowers to grow naturally in the longer grass. However this does not mean that you have to let a garden grow completely wild.

All-Ireland Pollinator plan video