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Pride of Place

We had a great community morning this morning in Boherbue where the Tidy Towns group presented all that’s good about Boherbue to the pride of Place judges Tom and Alison.

The local school with the help from Marie Casey and Margaret Kiely put on a fantastic show of music and dance.

The judges were very impressed with our village and there is no doubt that all the community came out in great support.

Thanks to everyone.

  • Pride of Place Presentation
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  • MLVT Railroad
  • train-01
    Train Garden at Vaughen's Terrace, Boherbut Tidy Towns Project
  • train-02
    Martin Lucey beside the train he constructed for the Train Garden project at Vaughan’s Terrace
  • train-03
    All aboard ready to go

Litter Challenge 2019

Boherbue Tidy Towns ( Litter Challenge) are embarking on a Litter Challenge with Cork County Council.

We are asking all residents to be very vigilant all this week and up to and including Wednesday 22nd May 2019 regarding having the streets completely free of litter including cigarette butts etc.

This is the first of three 10 day periods of the challenge.

The competition takes place on the following dates:
First period         13th May -22nd May
Second Period    27th May- 5th June
Third Period      10th June – 19th June

Boherbue Tidy Towns Group will hold a Composting Workshop on Thursday 9th May 2019 at 8pm.
Venue: Pearse Memorial Hall.
The Workshop will be  presented by Donal O’ Leary of Waste Down and topics will include:

  • Composting of both food waste and garden waste with practical use of different composting systems.
  • The workshop will involve an introduction to the Stop Food Waste programme  with a discussion of domestic food waste and how to prevent it. Approximately 1/3 of all food bought in Ireland is thrown out - at great financial & environmental cost.

This workshop should be of interest to all  householders and all are invited to attend.


Boherbue Tidy Towns Footpath Project has been put forward for the Pride of Place competition. This is a very prestigious competition and we are delighted with the opportunity to represent the region in the competition.

Boherbue Tidy Towns power-washed the area across from Tig Noni yesterday morning 27-04-2019.

The closing date for this year’s entry to the National Tidy town’s Competition is 17th May and judging generally takes place from Mid-June.
As part of the Tidy Towns competition we are asking every business and residentsto help in the following ways;

  • Ensure all business premises are clean, with shining windows; good paintwork and well cared for floral displays.
  • All houses within the village environs to have generally good paintwork.
  • Window boxes or floral displays of any kind on or adjacent to business premises and households in Boherbue would further enhance the village and add welcome colour to the environment.
  • Windows should be kept clear of advertisements and notices. 
  • Pick up that piece of litter and bin it.
  • Keep your garden and grass verge well-trimmed.
  • Remove any unsightly weeds outside your premises
  • Ensure back and side entrances are tidy

Boherbue Tidy Towns have entered the Cork County Council Litter Challenge. Last year we didn’t do so well in the competition because there was too much litter found in the streets during judging. This year we are asking all residents to be aware of the competition and pick up any papers, cigarette butts or litter of any kind from the streets.
The competition takes place on the following dates;
First period         13th May -22nd May
Second Period    27th May- 5th June
Third Period      10th June – 19th June
Further information on this later

 Our regular work times are generally on Wednesday nights and on Saturday morning from 10am to 12 noon and if you are in a position to help you would be very welcome.

Thanks to everybody for all your support.

Boherbue Tidy Towns work starts again for 2019. Four trees were planted between the grotto and the presbytery and a small beech hedge was planted across the road from the presbytery. Additional rhododendron (2) shrubs were planted in the area across from the crèche.
AGM to be held on 4 th March in the Pearse Memorial Hall at 8 pm.
All welcome.


This year was a busy year for Boherbue Tidy Towns Group. Many projects were carried out through out the year. The major project was the construction of the footpath from the village to the graveyard. Other projects included:
1. Replacing a new shrubbery at Mc Auliffe Avenue, and at Vaughan’s terrace.
2. We set up the hearse house garden (pollinator garden) and set up the Mass path project.
3. We power washed and painted a number of building in the centre of the village.
4. Many private houses and businesses made a special effort to paint their premises this year.
5. A new decorative finger post sign was erected in the village centre.
6. Through out the year, we continued to tidy and plant shrubs throughout the village.

For next year 2019 we have plans to further enhance our village and hopefully move up the rankings in the Tidy Towns competition.
Thanks to all who support our efforts and a special thanks to all our volunteers.

Cork County Council in conjunction with Boherbue Community Development/Tidy Towns and the Play Ground Committee will have a celebration of the completion of the footpath between the village and the grave yard and also the completion of the playground improvement works. Attached an invitation to all contacts from Boherbue who are welcome to the celebration. Hopefully you will be able to attend on Friday the 19th October 2018 at 6.30 pm. Please share.

Boherbue Tidy Towns received great news this week that Cork County Council will add 18 public lights Summer 2019.