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Village & Village Square Projects

Build Environment and Streetscape

Boherbue features some lovely examples of Irish vernacular architecture that are well looked-after. Sometimes we overlook the importance of these buildings when we are so used to them but the fact is they are disappearing all over the country and they are such an important part of our heritage.

The planted area in front of the Garda Station looks very well with lots of good flowering perennials so important for our pollinators and less work for volunteers in the long-run as they don’t need replanting every year.

Lavender plants have been planted in the centre of the village as well as planting a Cherry Blossom at Mc Auliffe Avenue. We also cleared the shrubbery at the top of Mc Auliffe Avenue.
We planted some more pollinator friendly plants at the shrubbery adjacent to the barrack.
We also planted a pollinator friendly garden at the entrance to the handball alley and at the top of Mc Auliffe Avenue.

Flowerbed Construction Stages